Thursday, June 21, 2012

Final Pitch

So time for the the final pitches came this week. I had prepared two pitches - none of them were chosen but I'm quite happy with the selection we got and I can can always keep working on my stories on my own and I intend to do so.

Anyway, here are my title images for the projects:

I pitched Bunto once again, though I changed the story quite a bit. In the new version, he falls in love with a regular young woman and does a lot to impress her.

This story, Midnight Motel, replaced The Dumpling from last time, which wasn't really that strong anyway. Midnight Motel is the story of childhood sweethearts Fred and Barbara who come to a rundown roadside motel. Here, they have their already strained realtionship put to the test as they soon find themselves on the frontlines of an ongoing war between the creepy old motel owner and the resident forces of evil. It would be a comedy.

In other news, I was art director on a project here at school. You can watch it here.

Looking forward to the summer.

Jonas bm