Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wall Street Cyclops

Nate Wragg will be interviewed on in about 7 hours. The contest theme this time is 'wall street cyclops', which I think is a funny idea. Really had fun with my entry. Went the traditional route this time with some newly bought gouache. Again, a lot of fun :D

Oh, and I joined Intensity Club this morning. Topic was 'carny gone wild'. Got a few votes and had fun getting intense.

Last week I entered the contest that accompanied Bobby Chiu's interview of Everett Downing. The theme here was 'Street Magic'. I felt like doing a superhero type character, so I did.

That's about it.

- Jonas


Charles Santoso said...

Heya Jonas,
Nice submissions! Especially loving the gouache colours for the Cyclops. Makes me want to try gouache as medium :D Keep up the good work, man! All the best!

Jonas bm said...


Thanks for stopping by and your words of encouragement. You should totally give gouache a try - it's great to work with. You should check out to see what gouache can really do.