Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Chewie

Tonight I had the chance to enter a CHIUstream contest over at, and so I did. Topic was 'baby version of movie character'. Had trouble finding my angle, but settled on Chewbacca, the only character who came to mind. Sketchoholic kinda crashed around voting time and wouldn't reload which was a bummer, but I had great fun drawing Chewie :D

EDIT: I found out this morning that I won. Thanks to Bobby Chiu and the Sketchoholic phenomenon!


- Jonas


Bobby Chiu said...

congrats on your win Jonas! Great entry!

Charles Santoso said...

Jonas! Won again! woohoo!! :D congrats, buddy!

All the best.

Jonas bm said...

Can't thank you enough, Bobby. This is twenty shades of awesome! Thank you!

Thanks Charles! Man, I am having the best time :D

Big Ape said...

Congrats on your win! I was there but my connection was totally fried as soon as uploading and voting started, I couldn't upload or vote D'oh! (Mine was rubbish so it didn't matter so much :))

Jonas bm said...

Thanks, Big Ape. Yeah, Sketchoholic actually slowed down a bit around voting time - crashed for me. Didn't hear the result until this morning.