Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Like Tea

I've been playing with charcoal lately. Not gonna share any pictures, just wanted to get it out there. It's messy, charcoal, but it looks really neat - like, try it if you haven't.

This week we've been doing storytelling keys at school, for three different scenes, which has been fun. We've started each morning with Mike Nguyen and his thoughts and philosophies regarding the medium of animation - great stuff :D For more info about Mike, look for his feature film in progress 'My Little World'.

Anyway, finally got around to entering one of those new Sketch-O-Daily contests over at You have like 24 hours to enter, and I still only used about an hour on it. Feel I could have used more, you know. Topic was 'civilized creature' and I thought 'tea'. A few of us did :D

Got third place - Yay!! And here's some Photoshop fun. Scary shaman.

Charcoal, people.

- Jonas bm


Charles Santoso said...

Keep up the good work, man! :)

Jonas bm said...

Thanks, man, I will :D