Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time to Draw!!

So this week we animated scenes for some students from the Danish  Film School. We worked in teams of 4-5 people working on 5 different project. Anyway, the project took up most if not all my freetime, so I didn't really get to do much other drawing. So I've decided to start drawing more, you know, sketching. I actually fell asleep the other day thinking to myself that it's about time I learn to draw - sounds like a good idea, I think :D

Anyway, here are some sketches. I should show more of these here (this is a sketchblog, after all).

Also want to paint traditionally more, so here's a little gouache piece:

So I was busy this week, and so I wasn't gonna enter the latest sketchoholic interview and contest. Until three hours before the interview. Went super sketchy with this one and colored it loosely in Painter. Sketch and finished thing:

Also, I finally got to see 'how to train your dragon' - infinite shades of awesome :D

Jonas bm


Charles Santoso said...

nice sketches, Jonas. Keep it up! :D

Jonas bm said...

Thanks, I definitely will :D