Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Took me long enough

I've been working on my entry for J. Scott Campbell's interview and contest over at sketchoholic.com, ever since my holiday started this friday, and now it's done. At first I couldn't really decide whether or not to even enter, because the theme was a tricky one: "sexy fairy tale character". The challenge would do me good, I thought, as it is miles away from what I usually do. I would have to really study anatomy to make it work and also read up on a few fairytales. I chose to do a fairy godmother because you don't see too many of those around.

Having settled on an idea, I ran into the next obstacle: should I paint or draw or both? I knew I needed to practice linework so drawing it would be ideal and the other day I figured out how to do line separation in Painter, so lines it was. I think I drew it three times before it came out right.

Tried something new for coloring, especially where the shadows are concerned. Hope you like it :D

Jonas bm


Ramin said...

I like it. 2 Thumbs up

Charles Santoso said...

Nice one, Jonas. Your stuff are getting better and better. Keep it up! :D

Jonas bm said...

Thanks, Ramin. Glad you like it :D

Thanks for the kind words, Charles. I will be keeping it up :D