Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Works

This post is meant to be a part of a portfolio I put together when applying to a Danish school of animation, The Animation Workshop. Following is a list of links to different things like stories and some animation I've done. You might get a kick out of it, but it is meant for the people at the school.

The Shearmaster, fake advert.
3D short done 3-4 years ago for a contest. It is a better representation of my creativity than it is my ability to animate. Pay no attention to the monotonous nature of my voice.

About the Devil and Hell
Some prose poetry. Fun and somewhat satirical.

Shifting Faces.
A very short story. I tend to think of it as the idea for a longer story. The saddest thing I've written.

Death at the Diner.
A short story of the comedy genre. Death eats breakfast with Joe.

Death and Davey.
Another, longer, short story of the comedy genre. Death helps Davey with his date.

I've done more, but this is the cream of the crop, in my opinion.

- Jonas

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