Sunday, March 28, 2010

my little book of giant monsters - the second book

Okay, book two, 'my little book of giant monsters. I started off doing a lot of tests on style and subject matter and settled on giant monsters done in a mix of pen, watercolor and collage. This particular book was a lot of fun to do, thinking up names and jokes for each monster, as well as designing each monster. It was a great feeling to work so fast too and late into the night.

And I'll just tell you, it looks really really good in real life, it really does. I'm actually thinking about getting it printed like a proper book, just to try it. As it is, it's quite a beast to read - it's just difficult to turn the pages :D

Oh and you should know that I'm slowly uploading each page to my DeviantArt page, so use the link under the banner to check the monsters out in higher resolution.

Next up: all the other books.

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