Sunday, March 28, 2010

the rest of the books

After doing the first two books during the first two days, we got to choose our own assignment for the rest of the week. I had the idea to make a kind of 3D barnyard book, but I never got around to it, because I had a lot of other ideas. I made 16 books after the first two.

Many of these books are blank note and sketchbooks of different shapes and sizes.

I made five of the upper and four of the lower that fit snuggly inside the box, which once contained painkillers. The papers from the box were colored and used for decoration. They're really nice in real life :D

In addittion to these two kinds of notebooks I made two tiny books that have pages that fold out.

I found that I really like to put some kind of content inside the books so I took some stories I wrote once, set them up in Illustrator and printed them out on this nice sketchpaper. My stories have now been in print :D

Then I felt like doing something fun and I really love Batman so I made this little book.

So all in all, a really really good week. I didn't get to relax, but I had a lot of fun and got to be more creative than normal. I'll leave you with some pictures from the exhibition.

- Jonas

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