Sunday, March 28, 2010

i like potatoes - the first book

So this past week I've been making books. Like with the painting we did some time ago, this was a special offer, a class we don't usually have. I was planning to take it easy, relax with the books and get around to just having some fun, playing games, watching movies and reading books. Making books is, however, a lot of fun so I actually ended up spending both day and night making them.

Our first assignment was to make two books using some really thick cardboard. one accordion and one codex.

We'll start off with the accordion.

I basically just started drawing these creatures on the cardboard pages, figuring I'd find out what to make of the book later. Various details painted in with white gouache.

Then came the task of adding content, and I landed on writing small texts that could be the creatures' thoughts. The rhino-looking fellow thinks 'I like potatoes', for instance. It was a fun sollution, I thought.

See you later for book two.

- Jonas

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