Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is amazing!! Bobby Chiu will be interviewing Chris Sanders next week - Yippee!!

The Topic is 'Nightmares' and I'm getting started early on this one. Huge fan of Chris Sanders. Now, this is just a teaser, cause I don't wanna give to much away just yet - not even sure this is the way I'm gonna go in the end.

For now, though, enjoy :D

- Jonas


sheilatchen said...

Ahahahaha! He, she, it (?) is amazingly drawn. Love your stuff, I'll be rootin' for ya! :)

Jonas bm said...

Thank you. 'It' is probaly the safest bet, but I think of him as a 'he' :D

George Bletsis said...

Looking good! Probably the cutest nightmare I've seen. I'm thinking of entering too, looking forward to seeing where you go with this :)

Jonas bm said...

Good - cute is what I'm going for, with just a hint of malice. I think it's a great topic.

Thanks and good luck with yours :D