Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Wanna Be The Very Best!

Finally got the piece to work for me and finished it today. Really happy with the result, especially because it caused me so much trouble. The epiphany that saved it all, was making the pokémon look like plush toys. Totally did it for me.

This is for Dice Tsutsumi's interview, by the way.

- Jonas


Shane Smith said...

Absoloutley love what you've done with the subject. I was considering a Pokemon painting for my entry but couldn't think of an original twist. Glad I went for something else in the end 'cause the competition was fierce!

Jonas bm said...

Indeed it was. It was cool to see people interpreting so many different animes - thought there'd be a lot more pokemon ones.

Thanks :D

sheilatchen said...

lOVE your artwork! :) I just started sketchoholic and I really enjoy your stuff!

Thuraya Lynn said...

This is just super fun!
And damn, Satoshi never looked cuter!

-Thuraya Lynn

Jonas bm said...

Thanks :D