Tuesday, August 17, 2010

They come at Night

This was a big one. Took me like forever. I tried out several possible mediums before settling on 'tried and true' digital painting. Although I really wanted to do something special and traditonal this time 'round, I couldn't be happier with the result. Plus, was great fun :D

The most fun was coming up with the idea. Think of these semi-magical and dragon-like creatures as the bringers of nightmares or the nightmares themselves. They are curious by nature, but do their job well. Can you spot the youngest member of the group? (Hint: he's called 'Buttons')

This is of course my entry for the Chris Sanders contest over at sketchoholic.com - I'm a huge fan of Sanders, especially his comic, Kiskaloo, which you should definitely check out, and I am really looking forward to the interview.

For once I kept process pictures - enjoy them if you like:

Relieved and content.

- Jonas


Charles Santoso said...

nice, man! cute dragons :D All the best to you!

Jonas bm said...

Thanks, same to you :D

Zane Yarbrough said...

sweet work man I like the stuff you have been doing on here

check out my sight


Jonas bm said...

Zane: Thanks, man. I actually drop by your site regularly since I saw the Wolfman baby you did for a CHIUstream a while back, I believe it was CHIUstream #52. Loved that one :D