Sunday, January 17, 2010

Propaganda Poster

Well, it's been a while now, since I last updated. It's been a busy week, is all I can say - so, so busy. And troubling, too. Got really stressed out on Monday, ie. day two, bordering on a nervous breakdown - I'm better now, but still a little on edge. Kinda bummed about not having any time, energy or inspiration to really do something for myself. I mean, the week was a lot of fun, hoping to show you the rest of the week's work some day soon. Didn't get any pictures myself, so gotta rely on others to post it somewhere, the school should do it at some point.

Anyway, here's the result of our first assignment at the folk high school:

The picture's a little skewed, I know - had some trouble finding a place to hang the poster, so I put it on the floor and held the camera over it - it's the way i had to do it :)

The poster is supposed to depict the act of achieving success, not in spite of, but because of a long line of failures - strictly artwise, I thought, you know like, you're not really successful until you've tried to fail. Also, it's like 'practice makes perfect', thinking of Bobby Chiu a lot. Then a fellow student pointed out that it felt like a propaganda poster, depicting a fascist regime's quest for the super soldier, with failed genetic experiments and all....I know, right:)

I thought it was funny, a really cool idea - might even go and make that poster, inspired by this one.

Done with printer's ink(letter-stamps, people), acrylic paint, brushpen and colored pencil(for underdrawing) on bigger-than-me-paper. Had a day to do it, worked long and hard(heh). Should have made the pile of heads more organic in form, I was told - I see, where, they're coming from with that.

Anyway, another busy week coming up and I got the sniffles something fierce - Goodnight.


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