Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Worst Thing

Okay, so the worst thing happened just now. A project I was working on corrupted right in front of me. I dropped my layers and resized the image which I undid quickly after which things looked wrong. Then I decided to close the file and open the saved version, in which things had actually gone missing for some reason.

Really really bummed about it...

I mean, I worked on this thing for the last two days, really pumped about doing something in a much shorter timeframe than other recent projects. It was a picture called "Gustav and his chicks" and had Gustav big brute stand smiling with little chickens on his shoulders and head. So much fun to do. Damn. It followed much the same formula as the Samu picture, and I even thought of setting up a whole book project around this type of image and short stories to go along. Damn.

The good thing is that I didn't lose the practice that it gave me and if I choose to redo it, I can do it better.

For now, I'm going to bed. Cheers!

- Jonas

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